TwoPoints’ light-reactive Novum cover.

In shade the cover illustration depicts a pasty, tattoed torso. When exposed to sunlight, however, the light reactive inks kick in to give the unfortunate subject a nasty sunburn.


Cities & Typography, Gokhun Guneyhan

I’ll take this as a list of places to be seen. Hello world- I’m coming for you.

Enigma Catalogue.

Coca-Cola Print Ad Doubles as iPhone Speaker

Thermo-sensitive stationary

Thermo-sensitive black varnish that loses it’s color in response to heat creates a dynamic, ever-changing stationery set for Vienna photo rep and producer Natalie Daniels.


3D Paper Infographics by Pattern Matters. Head over to Colossal for more.

Playboy Magazine: Hands.

Letter Pressed Typographic Matchmaking Poster.